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Elevate from startup into effective company

Solving The Post Funding Challenge

So you've raised the capital,  but now you realize that you need to build an efficient company.

Here are some of the services we can provide, to help you trough this phase:
  • Hone business model

  • Form company strategy, budgets, BizDev goals and KPIs

  • Establish efficient process to reach business KPIs and goals

  • Implement best practices & methodologies, using proven business tools

  • ​Build effective operations in short ROI

  • Build optimal Team growth & deal with the hidden unemployment trap
  • Rethink branding, messaging, marketing, PR, both Investor facing & Customer facing

  • Improve sales processes based on data

  • Collaborate with strategic partnerships

  • Comply with Legal aspects and accounting standards

  • Diversify crypto & fiat portfolio

  • Deal with crypto liquidity

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