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"The best and most relevant lecture

I have heard in a long time", Haifa University  


d10e - The International Decentralization Confrence, First time in Tel-Aviv

June 05, 2017


Twists and Turns In the Decentralization of the Financial and Banking Eco-Systems, and the role of FinTech in the process  - D10e Conference TLV, 6.2017

Financial Technology & Digital

May 14, 2017

Lecture about "Financial Technology & Digital", to entrepreneurs from Germany, and IDC.

Including explanantion about the Israeli Fintech eco-system.

Interviewed at 103FM radio station

May 10, 2017

While being interviewed for 103fm financial program, and explaining about the new payment methods available, the interviewer asked about the level of security offered by GAFA & by startups offering financial services. This is an important issue that troubles many experienced customers, where at this point, banks still have an advantage in this criteria, at least with the older generations. With millennials and younger generations, this question has a different answer.

Hear how fintech is shaping the future of Banking and payments.

How can the banks deal with the competition with the giant Tech Companies

January 01, 2020

Article published in The Marker Financial Magazine about the affect of Millenninal preferences in the Banking and Financial eco-systems.

Lecturing in the Silicon Valley about Financial Chatbots

Chatbots are the new UI. Learn how they should be implemented in the Financial Sector.

Speaking about "Millennials & The Future of Fintech" at the FinTech Confrence, IDC Hertzelia

May 04, 2017

.The Millennial generation is affecting the financial sector and the developments in FinTech and banking Learn how to engage this generation, and leverage your business though their preference

FinTech Judge at the TLV startup challange Startau

May 10, 2017

, Invited to be a judge in the Fintech Startup competition as a Fintech specialist,

at the TUA Israeli startup competition

Fintech in South-Africa

January 01, 2020

Invited to speak about Fintech as part of the Israeli delegation to South-Africa, GEC congress 2017, at Pretoria University

Entrepreneurs on Tap Tel Aviv

Financial Technology is developing in a very fast pace, affecting the banks and the financial eco-system. Learn what the latest deveopments are, and what banks can do in order to stay ahead and leverage the technological developments to their benefit.

Technion University

"Meirav Harel is an outstandingly charismatic and intriguing speaker, highly informed about FinTech, the power of Big Data, and where the financial technologies are headed"

Haifa University Fintech lecture

March 07, 2017

"The best and most relevant lecture I have heard in a long time"

"Great speaker"

Being interviewed about FinTech

April 08, 2017

What is the future of FinTech? And what opportunities lay ahead?

Speaking about the opportunities that are available for entrepreneurs in the financial technology sector

Uno Academic college

​FinTech Fusion - The Past, the Present & the Future of FinTech

February 16, 2017

Haifa University Lecture for International Students (full, including bloopers).

FinTech Fusion - The Past, the Present & the Future of FinTech

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