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A Diverse Client Portfolio of Industry Leaders

Working with Prominent Organizations to Shape the Future of Finance and Technology

With an impressive range of clients spanning industries and regions, Meirav Harel's extensive portfolio reflects the thrive for driving innovation and delivering valuable insights to organizations worldwide.

Meirav's extensive experience extends to collaborating with an impressive roster of clients across the globe, including Government Bodies, Renowned Companies, Financial Institutions, Tech Companies alongside prestigious Academic Institutions.

In the Government sector, she has worked closely with prominent international Regulators, including Central Banks, Security Authorities and Ministries. Her extensive experience extends to working with international and local companies in various sectors. She has advised and worked with Technology Giants and leading professional services firms. Meirav's association with innovative fintech, blockchain, crypto, AI and Metaverse companies highlights her commitment to exploring cutting-edge technologies in the Financial Industry. She has advised, consulted and contributed her insights and guidance to organizations enriching their strategic approach in a rapidly evolving business environment.
In the Banking and Fintech domains, Meirav Harel has made significant contributions to renowned institutions including major Banks and Investment houses. Her collaborations with Academic Institutions span across continents and highlight the dedication to sharing knowledge and shaping the next generation of professionals in Finance and Technology.

Clients Include:

 Government Bodies and Institutions

1. Israel sec
2. Bank of Israel
3. Israel Bank Authority
4. Ministry of finance
5. Israel export institution
6. Israel foriegn ministry
7. Management of Israeli Court system

9. Swiss Embassy
10. US state department
11. TABF (Taiwan banking association, including central bank)

   International and local Organizations, Startups & Associations

12. Oracle
13. Bdo
14. Ey
15. Pwc
16. Cardpay
17. Payable
18. Ewpn
19. GEN 
20 Access abu dahbi
21. Aibc dubai
22. DCN global
23. Elbit
24. Belgrade Science and Technology incubator 
25. Israel Electric Company

26. Bancor

   Financial Institutions and Banks

24. Bank leumi
25. Bank Mizrahi 
26. Discount bank
27. Beinleumi
28. Excellence Investment House
29. The Institute of Certified Public Accountants

30. shva ש.ב.א
31. Bit2c
32. Asian Bank association
33. Wallter bank

Featured Conferences and Engagements as Keynote Speaker, Moderator or MC:

34. D10e
35. Reflect Cyprus 
36. Fintech Junction 
37. Paytech show hungary
38. DLD
39. Monage
40. Blockchain israel

41. CCA- Ariel

   Academic and Research Institutions

41. Reichman uni
42. College of Management 
43. Hebrew uni
44. Tel Aviv uni
45. Technion
46. Haifa uni
47. Ariel uni
48. Johannesburg uni
49. Uno collage 

   Media and Broadcasting Companies

50. Bloomberg

51. Channel 13
51. Channel 14
52. Galei tsahal radio
53. Reshet b radio
54. Globes
55. Calcalist 
56. No cammels
57. Bizportal
58. People and computers

59. Podcast

60. Podcast

Government Bodies and Institutions:

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