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מירב הראל- קריפטו- בלוקצ'יין meirav harel- crypo - blockchain - nft 00001-4_edited_edited_


All You Need To Know About Crypto, Blockchain and Investments

& How to Identify Money Making Opportunities.

The world is changing and with it the space of assets in which to invest.

Digital currencies are making headlines, and some are arguing that they are the next pillar in the emerging Capital Markets. Their characteristics differ from recognized securities, not only by definition but also by how they operate.

As a result, trading them requires a different set of skills and understanding, alongside customized tools that can enable the potential inherent value in them to be realized, as they are traded on dedicated exchanges, maintained on customized wallets, have undergone a partial regulatory ruling and as a result also include operational risk.

To realize their potential, it is important to understand cryptocurrencies, know the appropriate tools, and know how to suitably trade them.

Meirav Harel offers an array of courses in the fields of Blockchain and Crypto. The following dedicated course which International Banks, Regulators, Investment Companies and Individuals have participated in, includes 7 sessions, focuses on the basic umbrella of knowledge required to trade in virtual currencies. During the course, participants will learn the appropriate tools for examining the various alternative assets, the technical tools for conducting trades, the in-depth understanding of what is affecting the value of these assets, and the range of skills required for participants to intelligently choose their befitting exposer to the field, while trading in various digital assets.

The course will be taught by Award winning international Lecturer Meirav Harel, who has delivered over 250 lectures across 20 countries and was chosen as "1 of 36 Top Women Revolutionizing Crypto", "1 of the 100 most influential women in the world in the field of blockchain", and who teaches and accompanies regulators, financial entities, technology companies, and senior executives in the emerging financial technology worlds, with emphasis on crypto and digital currencies.

Example Crypto Course - 7 Lesson Syllabus:

Lesson no.1

Introduction to Money, and Understanding Its New Version

● What is digital money, how is it currently being created around the world? How does it relate to Capital Markets, and the new era that is being created and based on blockchain?

● What do "digital currencies" enable beyond transferring value from one to another?

● Is Bitcoin a type of money or a type of investment?

● Why blockchain - is it technology or ideology?

● How is the imbalance around data ownership a technological growth engine?


Lesson no. 2

The newly created digital assets and the connection to the existing Capital Markets

● How are trading methods, securities tools, stocks, bonds, and options relevant to crypto?

● What is the difference between the assets that currently exist in the capital market, and the types of new digital assets that are created?

● What are the parameters that affect the degree of risk of the various assets, what is the relationship between this risk and the return? How do these aspects translates into virtual currency trading?

Lesson no. 3

Currency trading platforms, and direct investment in blockchain-based technology companies

● What are the trading venues suitable for investing in young technology companies that are not yet traded on traditional stock exchanges?

● Should blockchain-based companies be differentiated as an investment option?

● Does buying a virtual currency mean investing in a company?

● We will get to know the leading trading platforms in crypto, what methods Warren Buffett and Robert Kiyosaki use, and how Alon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Jack Ma are related to the price of digital assets.


Lesson no. 4

Crypto on all levels - a deep dive into coins, wallets, data, fintech, and everything in between

● Deep dive into  the leading cryptocurrencies  - Types,  exchanges on which they are traded, what justifies the need for their existence, where each currency leads to in the future, who controls each currency, and where  can each currency be purchased

● We will learn how to view and analyse graphs, understand what drives the value of the asset upwards and downwards, and how the analysis instruments and information can be cross-referenced to examine  investments.

Lesson no. 5

Specialization means Money and Growth

● What are the types of wallets available, and where should the coins be kept?

● What is uniswap and when should you trade using it?

● We will learn to analyse the data in Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Etherscan, and the crypto exchanges themselves.

● During this lesson, another professional leader in the crypto field will come to lecture and share his experience and knowledge.

●  Cold wallets, opening them, alongside opening a wallet  on  crypto exchanges.

● Getting acquainted with leading crypto communities and their use as an indication of the feasibility of purchasing a currency.

●  Understand the regulation, and how the "banking" challenges can be solved.


Lesson no. 6

Practice – Tools to Identify Money Making Opportunities, Best Practices in Trading, and Identifying what the Future holds

● Participants will open a crypto portfolio on several exchanges, and will get to know the interfaces and tools available to the users of the exchanges, including trading operations, commissions, complex instructions, and viewing the personal portfolio.

● In depth examination of selected digital currencies, while using the variety of tools learned during the course, including by looking through the different prisms and the various relevant tools, cross-referencing  information, examining  data and parameters etc.

● Identifying exterior interests, understanding the importance of the Macro level perspective, analysis, and it's reference to choosing assets.

● Important sources of information for understanding the forces affecting various currencies, and how profit can be made even when the markets are declining.


Lesson no. 7

Sharing the knowledge, information, and considerations in building the asset portfolio

●  Participants will  present the personal portfolio they have chosen to build, Explain the considerations made, the tools chosen, along with providing a reasoned explanation for the choices. Other participants will discuss the cases presented, will participate by lending additional perspectives, while personal mentoring and insight will be given.

● Looking in to the future, and joining a dedicated professional WhatsApp group.

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