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Grow Your Business with Blockchain,
Crypto, NFT & Financial Technology! 

Grasp understanding of cutting edge Technologies:

Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Web3, Metaverse, IoT, AI, 5G

Get Started & Stay Ahead!

The world is in the midst of change.

Some even call it the fourth industrial revolution.

Business models that have worked for years, are becoming obsolete, not only in the financial industry, but also in retail, transportation, medicine and more. 


Processes that had been the corner stone of revenue, are not relevant anymore, and actually slow down the company's advancement. Organization Culture that had worked for so many years, is now blocking innovation. The technologies advance so fast, making it hard to keep up with the changes and understand how they can be implemented to create more revenue.

How is your business advancing with these changes? How are you leveraging technology to create more revenue? How do your executives and senior management keep up to date with the developments?

Meirav Harel, multi Award Winning Global Educator & Strategist, has been providing professional world class education and advisory services to Corporate, Institutional and Regulatory entities in over 20 countries.

Her customers include over 11 Government Departments Internationally, 2 Central Banks, 21+ Banks and Financial Institutions, and 9 Universities worldwide, where she educates and holds varios positions including as board of Directors member, and Advisor. 

Her services include Strategic Consulting, alongside Professional Courses, custom built for Executives, Senior management, Regulators and Academia Modules, ranging from beginners level to MBA level, including Keynotes, workshops & Full courses.

Custom Professional Courses, Strategic Consulting, Directors Services and
Corporate Event Keynote appearances include a mix of the following:


"We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your fascinating lecture to the Accountant General's Division of the Ministry of Finance, about blockchain and digital currencies. The extensive background and experience you gained was evident at every stage of the lecture, the way you led and adapted the discussion to all the participants was extraordinary, all those present were captivated.

Thank you for encouraging active participation and providing a sense of comfort and security to ask and participate. Your lecture is undoubtedly fascinating, broadens horizons and provokes points for thought" 

Ministry of Finance

Get Educated, Motivated and Inspired by Meirav Harel

Learn about the

Future of Money, Fintech, Blockchain, NFTs & Cryptocurrency

To help unlock your company's potential

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