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About Meirav Harel

Global Educator,  Inspirational Speaker & Fintech Futurist 

Meirav Harel

Having delivered over 250 lectures across 20 countries, Meirav Harel is a renowned expert in Blockchain, web3, FinTech, digital disruption, and The Future of Finance. With over 23 years of experience in Finance, Technology, and creating award-winning Fintech Innovations, Meirav has been acknowledged as "1 of 36 Top Women Revolutionizing Crypto 2022" by TechRoundUK, featured in the "100 Most Inspirational Women in Blockchain 2020" list, and honored twice in the "Women in Fintech Powerlist" by Innovate Finance UK.

As a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Advisor, her expertise covers a wide range of topics, including Web3, Blockchain, Fintech, AI in Finance, NFTs, Metaverse, The Future of Money, Finance, Banking, CBDCs, Cryptocurrencies, and The Digital Future. She provides Lectures, Courses, Consulting Services, Management expertise, and in-depth Research to leading international financial, regulatory, business, and academic institutions in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Meirav is the lecturer of the Full Blockchain & Fintech Course at Reichman University and at the MBA program of the College of Management in Israel, where she has issued the first NFT certificate for academic studies in Israel, in collaboration with the College.

Currently serving as a Board of Directors Member at Excellence Investment House, Meirav specializes in innovative technologies and their impact on the future of finance, banking, money, regulations, macroeconomics, and businesses. She serves as a prominent Financial Commentator on top financial programs for multiple TV Stations.

Ambassador to the European Women in Payments Network (EWPN). She has held significant roles, including former Head of Strategic Innovation Technologies at BDO, former Acting COO at Bancor, former COO at international tech companies, and a 7-year tenure as the Product & Business Development Manager of "LeumiTrade," Bank Leumi's award-winning Financial Trading Website, which was recognized twice as one of the Three Best Trading Websites in Europe.

In addition to a dual Masters degree in Business and Communications from the Hebrew University, a thesis about interpersonal non-verbal communication, Meirav is certified international Mediator, one of the only that had been recommended by the Israeli court, to mediate in the fields of Blockchain, Digital Currencies and Financial Technology. She is a certified Investment Consultant, in addition to a having a software programming background, thrives in interdisciplinary challenges and enjoys building and growing business opportunities particularly in changing environments.

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Blockchain, Crypto, Web3 & Fintech


Keynote Speaker

Get Educated, Motivated and Inspired -

Elevate your Conference or Corporate event with the captivating expertise of Meirav Harel's keynote presentations.

A renowned global lecturer and speaker known for deep knowledge and engaging presentation styles, Meirav has delivered inspirational Keynote lectures about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Innovation, Digital Currencies, WEB3, NFTs, CBDCs, Fintech and about The Future of Money.

Meirav is a sought-after lecturer, delivering informative & educational sessions that delve into the latest advancements and trends. Whether it's an in-depth exploration of Blockchain technology, an analysis of the impact of AI on the financial industry, or a discussion on the future of Digital Currencies, Meirav's lectures and keynotes provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways.


Strategic Consulting &

Board of Directors Member

Currently a Board of Directors Member at Excellence, the biggest Investment House in Israel,

Meirav Harel has advised hundreds of Established Companies, Regulators and Startups worldwide.

Advance your Company in the fields of blockchain, crypto and Fintech innovation consulting, or add an inspiring Finance, innovation and Tech Director for your Board.



Transformative Courses and Workshops Enhancing Professional Development

If you're ready to embark your audience on a transformative Blockchain learning journey, Meirav custom Courses & Workshops are designed to cater to all knowledge levels. From crypto newbies to seasoned Regulators and Executive level professionals, Meiravs comprehensive webinars and in-person sessions have been offering a deep dive into the captivating world of Blockchain, Fintech & Digital currencies worldwide.

An expert educator, who brings a wealth of industry experience, the custom workshops and courses cover a wide range of essential topics that broaden your audiences knowledge and understanding, and help navigate the Fintech, Blockchain and crypto landscape.

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