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4 Pointers For Companies That Want to Thrive in the Digital Era

4 Pointers For Companies That Want to Thrive in the Digital Era

Thankful for the invitation to speak at the #MoNage💜 convention about Conversational Interfaces & AI in the Financial sector 🏦💵, in San-Jose, Silicon Valley, California.

Here are 4 pointers for companies that want to thrive in the Digital era:

1."Talk to your customers where they are"📞📱, and they're in WhatsApp and in messenger. So converse with them there. How? With ChatBots for instance.

2. Facebook has made it easy to build ChatBots that can ask questions, answer inquiries, sell, and mostly collect valuable data about customers💰. Waiting eagerly for the WhatsApp version that will let companies chat with their customers via WhatsApp ChatBots.

3. Companies, including banks, that do not have Conversation/Bots in their digital strategy, are lagging behind. People want to talk🎤, not navigate, BUT - make sure your bot is good, with a clear goal, and good conversation, otherwise you're in trouble💣. A good bot is one that users want to come back to, and helps solve problems better than in other channels. (I'll be posting another article with 10 requirements for financial ChatBots).

4. Amazon apparently really is "very interested" in banking, and is improving Alexas banking skills. Financial companies - FYI 🏦💵.

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