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YahooFinance: Women in WEB3 Conference in Abu Dhabi

YahooFinance: Women in WEB3 Conference in Abu Dhabi

Meirav Harel, a renowned fintech and blockchain expert, was honored to represent Israel at the prestigious Women in Web3 conference in Abu Dhabi. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Harel shared her valuable insights on the future of money, finance, blockchain, data ownership, and the Web3 industry. The event, organized by Maven Global Access and the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, not only celebrated the accomplishments of women in the Web3 sector but also showcased Abu Dhabi's commitment to establishing itself as a global leader in blockchain technology.

Companies and event managers seeking to engage their audiences with cutting-edge knowledge can benefit from booking Meirav Harel for lectures or courses. With her expertise in fintech and blockchain, Harel provides unique perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape of technology and finance. Her engaging presentations empower audiences and offer practical insights for businesses looking to harness the power of blockchain and Web3.

Take the opportunity to learn from Meirav Harel and equip your organization with the knowledge to thrive in the digital era. Read Article on Yahoo Finance>>


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