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Bloomberg interview with Meirav Harel: Balancing Freedom and Surveillance with CBDCs

Bloomberg interview with Meirav Harel: Balancing Freedom and Surveillance with CBDCs

In an interview with Bloomberg, renowned expert Meirav Harel explores the world of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their potential impact on financial systems and personal freedoms. With over 100 CBDC projects worldwide, Harel emphasizes the transformative power of these currencies, particularly their ability to be programmed with smart contracts. While acknowledging the benefits, Harel highlights the need for careful consideration to strike a balance between innovation and preserving individual liberties. She predicts that once CBDCs are implemented in the western world, other regions will likely follow suit. As technology advances and society embraces digital payments, the development of CBDCs requires a thoughtful approach to leverage their smart contract capabilities while upholding essential rights..

Companies and event managers seeking expert guidance on fintech, digital currencies, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), digital identity, and shaping the future of finance can benefit from booking Meirav Harel for engaging lectures and courses. With her extensive experience working with central banks and regulators, Harel brings a unique perspective on the regulatory landscape and the transformative potential of emerging technologies. Her presentations provide valuable insights into the intricate aspects of CBDCs, digital identity, and the evolving fintech ecosystem.

By collaborating with Meirav Harel, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of these topics and stay ahead in the rapidly changing financial landscape. For full article on Bloomberg>>


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