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TheMarker: Revolutionizing Banking for Tech-Savvy Generations - Insights by Meirav Harel

TheMarker: Revolutionizing Banking for Tech-Savvy Generations-

Insights by Meirav Harel

Bridging the Gap: Meirav Harel Explores the Future of Banking in the Digital Age

Fintech and banking expert Meirav Harel delves into the evolving landscape of banking and the contrasting preferences between traditional institutions and the younger generation in an enlightening article featured in TheMarker financial magazine. As technology companies offer free and innovative services, millennials and beyond are increasingly drawn away from traditional banking, favoring the idea of banking with tech giants like Google or Amazon.

Harel challenges banks to adapt their business models, and embrace technological advancements, to remain relevant and regain the trust of the younger demographic. She also raises critical questions about data usage, privacy protection, and the responsibility of tech entities in the financial sector.

Gain valuable insights from Harel's expertise on how banks can establish meaningful connections with the younger generation and navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Companies and event managers seeking engaging lectures or courses on fintech and banking will find immense value in Harel's extensive knowledge and experience.


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