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Meirav Harel: Recognized in Innovative Finance Women in FinTech Powerlist.

Meirav Harel: Recognized by Innovative Finance

Women in FinTech Powerlist.

Discover how Meirav Harel, a renowned expert in fintech, blockchain, and emerging technologies, earned her well-deserved recognition in the prestigious Innovative Finance Women in FinTech 2016 Powerlist. As a sought-after speaker and educator, Meirav offers engaging lectures and courses that delve into the future of finance and the transformative potential of fintech. Event managers and companies can now book Meirav Harel for an inspiring and insightful session that explores the latest trends and advancements in the fintech industry. Join us as we celebrate Meirav's achievements and unlock the possibilities of fintech innovation.

Honored to be included in the Women in Fintech 2016 Powerlist, Innovative Finance, UK.

Even happier to contribute from my experience and knowledge about creating better Digital Financial services, both to the Financial institutions who want to improve their Financial Products, and to Fintech Startups that are paving the way to a better future in the Financial Industry.

The Digital transformation that is taking place is both a challenge and an opportunity. Financial institutions that transition effectively, and leverage the technological improvements, while using their Data better, can emerge as leaner, more efficient and dominant in their financial product offerings, and customer service.

The transformation will require new ways of thinking about products, services, data, structure, talent, and culture, while re-assessing competitors and partners.

It is important that the financial institutions dealing with the transformation will develop clear strategic roadmaps, and surround themselves with professionals that both understand the financial eco system, and where it is headed, while being familiar with the existing FinTech solutions that could vastly improve their services.

The Fintech startups, as another important part in the financial transformation, could be more efficient in their dealings with financial institutions, if they work with professionals that know the ins and outs of the banking system.

In addition, they do not need only to rely on cooperating with financial institutions in order to survive, and could vastly benefit from acquiring customers themselves in a systematic method, with customer acquisition and business development experts in the financial technology fields.

Both the financial institutions and the Fintech startups can leverage this time of financial digital transformation and emerge as leaders in the newly created Financial Ecosystem.

If you want advice about how to leverage the financial transformation to create more and better business, please feel free to contact me

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