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Fintech Fusion: The Past, Present & Future Of Financial Disruption

Fintech Fusion: The Past, Present & Future Of Financial Disruption

The financial eco system is in the midst of being disrupted, across several financial services, including: banking, transfers, payments, lending, insurance, investment management and more.

Some say these changes are revolutionizing an eco-system that had been stagnant, and hadn't moved ahead at the same pace the rest of the technological world has been evolving.

Want to be inspired and better understand how startups can have a central role in revolutionizing a strong and well established ecosystem? What was the trigger to start the chain reaction of the disruption we are witnessing? Who are the major players in each financial sector? Where are these changes leading to? What will the financial eco-system look like after it catches up with the technological innovations, and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for entrepreneurs in this field?

Join us and understand the FinTech disruption and how the increasing pressure to innovate influences business models, consumer behaviour, and the fundamental structure of the financial services industry.


Chosen for "Women in Fintech 2016 Powerlist" by Innovative Finance UK, Meirav Harel is a financial-technology expert, specializing in trading and investment platforms, who has been doing business development for Bank Leumi's award winning trading website "Leumi Trade" for the last several years.

She is the Deputy Director of Business Development for the MIT Enterprise Forum Israel, and runs the MIT Enterprise Forum's "Financial Innovation in Digital Banking", a fintech program which enables banks and financial institutes to future proof and improve their digital proposition and banking capabilities. Meirav mentors in financial entrepreneur programs, lectures at academic institutions & conferences about Fintech and how it transforms and affects both the financial eco system, and the micro-system inside banks and financial institutions.

She holds a dual Masters degree in business and communications from the Hebrew-University, is a certified investment consultant, wrote a thesis about interpersonal non-verbal communication, has background in software programming, thrives in the synergies between these disciplines, and enjoys building and growing business opportunities, especially in changing environments.

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