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"The future of Fintech, & the diverse forces affecting it"​

The Fintech eco-system is constantly changing.

Some of these changes are happening due to the digital growth banks need to achieve, in order to reach the technology level existing in other eco-systems. More changes are occurring because of the growing and changing number of startups creating products and services in this field.

But there are other forces affecting this eco-system, including the regulator, and of course GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook & Apple), who are offering more and more services that would traditionally have been offered by the financial sector, and that could possibly be determining the future of this sector.

Each of these diverse forces is a player in the fintech eco-system, and has a part in shaping the future of the financial services worldwide.

What do you think the future of fintech will look like, and which of the players affecting this field will have the strongest say?

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